Appeal for Donations for Flood Affectees

Our Projects

AIHSAAS has worked/is working on different Projects like:

  • Flood 2015 (Chitral, KP): Distribution of Ration packs to more than 250 families of Bomberet, Ramboor and Garam Chashma in Chitral Valley. Provision of more than 500 gift packs to kids of flood affected areas on Independence Day of Pakistan.
  • Zakat Distribution 2015: Provision of Zakat to Widows and needy families in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Attock and Talagang.
  • Famine 2014-15 (Tharparkar, Sind): Provision of Ration, Cash Distribution to hundreds of families. Installation of Electric Pumps on Well, Construction of Water Tanks on wells to provide drinking water to many villages.
  • Zakat Distribution: Provision of Zakat to Widows and needy families in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Attock and Talagang.
  • Earthquake 2013 (Mashakhail, Balochistan): Provision of tents to 50 homeless families and 100 Ration Packets to 100 needy families.
  • Ramadan Ration Package for Widows: In Karachi 50 widows and their families were provided with Ration packages in Ramadan 2013.
  • Distribution of Zakat 2013: More than 300 families were provided with Cash for Zakat Distribution Package in different areas like, Talagang, Attock, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Also 63 young resident students of a Madrissah were provided Rs.500/- Each for Eid Package 2013.
  • Zakat Distribution 2012: Zakat was distributed in deserving families of Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Talagang and Attock. Also almost 40 students of a Madrissah were gifted with suits.
  • Flood 2012 (Punjab): Provision of Shelters and Cash to 90 needy families along with construction of one Masjid and two Madrisaas that got Shaheed in Flood, in Rajanpur, Punjab.
  • Flood 2011 (Sindh): Provision of Food Items, Tents, Quilts etc to flood affected families in Tando Adam, Sindh.
  • Flood 2010 (KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, Kohistan, Punjab): Provided Ration Packages, Cash, Flour (aataa),  Tents, Water Canes, Dresses, Foundations of one room houses etc.
  • Financial Assistance for treatment of deserving Patients. Moreover provision of wheel chair, hearing aid etc.
  • Financial Assistance of Deserving Students.
  • Distribution of Zakat among Deserving Families/Individuals

Note: As AIHSAAS is not an official or political organization rather it is a Groups of Donors and Volunteers.  We do not have any permanent source of earning or formal donations from any NGO or any other source. All these activities are done through donations from different people like Studens/Ex-Students, family, friends and colleagus.

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