Appeal for Donations for Flood Affectees
  • Districr Rajanpur

    Flood Affected area of Rajanpur

  • Aihsaas

    We have AIHSAAS in our lives. Do you????

  • Keetari, Chachro, Tahrparkar 2014


Assalaam O Alaikum Wa Rehmat Ullah e Wa Barakaatuhu!

AIHSAAS (Al-Imran Helping Souls And Aiding Selves) isĀ a group of Donors and Volunteers who aim to work for betterment of people and society specially in disasters. Majority of Volunteers are students/ex-students of International Islamic university, Islamabad, Pakistan as well as students/ex-students of many other universities and colleges. In addition to this, Different Individuals, Professionals andĀ Organizations (like software houses) etc, also participate in different projects of this group.

All projects of AIHSAAS are completed / being run by the donations from different people (specially students/ex-students, Family, Friends and Colleagues). May Allah Bless everyone (who is participating in these activites in any mean) with Ajar e Azeem (aamin).


Muhammad Imran Saeed Qureshi


  1. great work … God bless u

  2. Assalam-o-Alikum Sir,

    I am happy that finally you have made an official site for welfare activities. May ALLAH always be with you in all the situations of life. I will also involve in AHSAS one day InshALLAH

  3. Nice Work Sir.

  4. God Bless you Sir

  5. Jazaak Allah Khair Guys. Keep me and all who are working for humaniy in Your prayers. Thanks once again.

  6. Nice Work, May Allah give you Ajar of such great work

  7. God bless U…We all are always with you.Inn Sha Allah

  8. I want to donate 10,000 rupees to Aihsaas to Help Souls And Aiding Selves. plz tell me online bank account where I can transfer the amount online as donate button is not working.


    Good efforts. Allah bless all of you. Ameen

  10. Great Work :) May ALLAH pak don’t stop you from helping poor :)


  11. Muhammad Imran Babar

    Jazaak Allah nice efforts. May Allah help you in all your endeavours. Ameen suma Ameen

  12. gr8 sir!

  13. Masha Allah Sir Allah apko jaza dy aor istaqamat ata farmaye
    Hamesha naik kam karny ki tofeeq ata farmaye

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